British charcoal from sustainable sources

British charcoal from sustainable sources

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When we were looking for UK charcoal producers that could be sustainable and support UK forestry, it took time to find websites that were still live, suppliers that could be in stock at any time and ultimately found House of Charcoal. We're not affiliated. This isn't an advertorial. We think it's a brilliant business we wanted to share!

Quality charcoal is the unsung hero behind a memorable cook. When you get a decent product, you have something that burns cleaner, lasts longer, and gives your dishes flavour.

Understanding where and how your charcoal is produced should be crucial, especially given the incredible forestry on our shores that needs coppicing and protecting.

By selecting British charcoal, you're embracing a product that respects the environment as much as it enhances your food. Chefs and food connoisseurs advocate for the exceptional quality of British charcoal. Gill Meller, of River Cottage fame, emphasizes the significance of fuel provenance, commending House of Charcoal for their environmentally positive impact. Genevieve Taylor, a live fire chef, writer and teacher, considers quality British charcoal essential for the ultimate grilling experience and won't cook on anything else.

The issue, however, with selecting British charcoal from sustainable sources has always been the need for more consistency in supply, and that is where the House of Charcoal fits a fantastic gap.

By supporting a network of small-scale British producers, they ensure a steady supply of premium UK charcoal you can trust, whether Whittle & Flame's from Oxfordshire or Slate Hill Charcoal from Marlborough, Wiltshire.

If not only for the more sustainable impact, your grilling will make the quality of your product far exceed anything you cooked before!

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