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Frequently Asked Questions

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Is all shipping really free?

Yes! Whether it is a 1 Ton Parrilla or a Looft lighter all our shipping is free.

How long will delivery take?

Between 3 to 10 working days. Bare some exceptions nearly all of our products are delivered by specialist logistics companies given their weight. As soon as you have made an order one of our team will reach out to confirm an available delivery time and liaise with the logistics team on your behalf.

What does curb-side delivery mean?

Curb-side delivery means that our logistics providers will only be able to deliver your pallets to your driveway rather than directly to your back garden. It is also worth noting that given the weight of the products if your driveway is made of loose stone, or you are on any gradient of slope specialist delivery equipment may be needed and would not be included in the free shipping. Get in touch with us to discuss the available options.

Do you offer installation?

Yes but we can currently only offer installation in the same areas that our bespoke kitchen teams operate. Contact us to discuss your exact location and needs but as a general rule of thumb it is within 50 miles of Bristol and Wokingham.

I've ordered a kitchen what do I need to prepare?

The preparation needed falls into two categories; your base and services. The base needs to be stable and capable of taking a heavy load. While there is a degree of levelling possible for the kitchens the base needs to be a solid-level patio or reinforced decking. Services needed are dependent on what you are including in your outdoor kitchen but as a minimum, most need electricity but could require water and waste. If you are worried about what you need or installation get in touch with our team.

Can I change the configuration of one of the kitchens?

The kitchens sold here are shipped directly from the suppliers warehouse in the layout and configuration you choose however we can design and build kitchens in any type or configuration. For inspiration or more information visit

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